Updated: 20/01/07

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Look who these lucky people got to meet... Yes, our one and only Gene!!!

This page is dedicated to the memory of those that have been taken from us - we are much better for having known you and will remember you always.


Another lady who's had the chance to meet tyhe legend many times, but if you were ever in any doubt about how special Gene Pitney is, this is the person to set you straight!

Top left shows Gene leading our friend from Oz Sue Briscoe in to see her real mum - that he hunted down himself whilst on tour in the UK - for the first time ever!

You can read newspaper articles from this special moment by clicking here.


Long-time fan and good friend Karin Crabb from Sweden has been there MANY times before - getting the chance to meet our favourite guy and have her picture takeen with him :-)

"He's a gentleman," she says.


Yes, even I've been there a few times :)



[Left] Pitney fan and Mr. Record-Collector Extroadanaire Ken helped to organise the International Fan Club's Meet-'n'-Greet at The Mohegan Sun Casino this year, and even managed to keep tabs on everyone! Many thanks to him for everything! :-)

[Right] Ken meets Gene backstage in Laughlin, Nevada


Both pics are from meetings at the Turning Stone Casino Rsort (New York, USA), but the chance meeting on the left really was a case of 'give or take a couple of minutes and we'd have missed him'!

"We were talking to the ticket gal about being there last year for the concert and the next thing we knew, we heard a voice behind us saying 'So was I"'!  We whipped around and there was Gene!"

Talk about luck-e!!!

(and Mama 'Hank' too :))

More nice people! :-) Tom and mom 'Hank' Petoskey here hob-nobbing with Gene out in the Nevada sun light!!!

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