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  Updated: 20/01/07

The rules are pretty simple (....and pretty lame, actually, but remember - this is just for fun LOL): here be some of those photos that are either just......well, weird, where just have to wonder what the hell was going on when the pic was taken....or ones where you're just left asking 'What was he thinking/saying then?' All you have to do is put that thought to the pic. :-) Good luck!

Taken at the International Fan Cub's Meet 'n' Greet at The Mohegan Sun Casino on Wednesday 23rd June 2004, it's a pretty simple picture and yet, you just have to wonder.......... what is going through Gene's mind? LOL

1: "Hands down, Lynne has got the 'inside' on the whitest T-shirts in town" (courtesy of Sharon)

2: "I think I have just been double-goosed by Tash and Jazz. Talk about turning the other cheek!!" (courtesy of Tom Petoskey)

3: "You should check out the fish bars here...Honestly, I've never seen anything like it - the thing was thiiis big!"


I took this photograph at the Chatham Central Theatre on the 10th May, 2000. Unfortunately, just a fraction of a second before the flash on my camera went off, Gene swung around to face the opposite way. Drat.

"Hey, where are the audience going?"

"Is that the queen over there?"

3: "Hey, I'M the only one that whistles on 'Only Love Can Break A Heart'" (courtsey of ACEGRACE from the GP Message Board)

"#Go Greased Lighning...#"

"I should really try to stop hitting so many high notes...I'm starting to see blurry effects when I move my hand."


If you can think of anything else that might fit with either photo, or even if you have a strange, misfitted picture of Gene in your own collection, please e-mail me here at and i'll post it\them here! :-).

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