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Here are just some of, I think, the best websites dedicated to Gene that are worth looking at.
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Gene Pitney.com! - Gene's own official website includes up-to-date news, tour info, photos, a biography, song sound clips and much more.

Rockville's Gene Pitney Memorial Commitee -

'genepitneyaussie' E-Group - It's the ultimate online GP appreciation society: Chat room, links, polls, pictures, articles, competitions......What more could you wish for?

The Gene Pitney Community Forum - Picking up where iMusic fell, official site designer Chad Evans and Gene have worked to deliver this easy-to-access message board that helps re-unite the fans and Mr Pitney.

The Gene Pitney Music Vault - Discographies, photos, news, Sequel CDs info...It's a shame it hasn't been updated since March 2000, but still worth checking out.

Gene Pitney Song Lyrics - You want lyrics to some of Gene's biggest hits, they're not too hard to find on the net, but this archive has the lyrics to 67 of Gene's recorded songs - including album tracks!

Gene Pitney: The Book - After much hard work, Joseph A. Angiolillo, Jr has successfully self-published his production of the only Pitney biography. This site presents snippets of trivia printed in the book, and gives you all the help/information you'll need to purchase a copy.

IMDb's Pitney Page - The Internet Movie Database delivers its own brand of info on Gene that's pretty interesting to look through - moreso than it appears at face value. With a list of some shows Mr P has appeared on over the years, films his songs have appeared in, and an excellent biography/review of his career, it's worthy of at least one visit.

The 24 Hours Building -


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