24 Hours From Tulsa
Take Me Tonight
Nobody Needs Your Love (more than I do)
If I Didn't Have A Dime (to play the jukebox)
Who Needs It
Backstage (I'm Lonely)
Looking Through The Eyes Of Love
<full version>
Princess In Rags
It Hurts To Be In Love
<full version>
Half Heaven, Half Heartache
I'm Gonna Be Strong
E Se Domani
The Fool Killer
24 Sycamore
(I Wanna) Love My Life Away
Hello Mary Lou
<full version>
Rubber Ball
She's A Rebel
Just One Smile
Blue Angel
She's A Heartbreaker
Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart
Town Without Pity

LETTERS (just some notes Gene got at The London Palladium concert on Sunday 18th October):

(On front of card: 'A Sucker For You!')
"If you were an octopus, I'd still find you fun,
I'd snog you and hug you
'Til all your tentacles went numb!"

Gene's reaction: "Promises!"


At the fan club convention in Harrogate you mentioned that Maurice kept eating all the peanuts. It just so happens that I work for a company that produces them, so here is a bag for you. Many thanks for coming back to England and hope to see you again next year. Oh, by the way... The peanuts are supposed to be warmed up, so if you give me the address of the hotel where you're staying and the room number I'll personally come and heat up your nuts! From..."


(Enclosed with card, attached to another sheet of paper is a home-made tie)
"Just think, you could have been the President Of The United States! Here is a neck tie to get you started. I've put some alibis in the post!"

Gene's reaction: "Look where they got him!"


"When I heard that you were back in England I thought I'd strip every piece of clothing from your back and then lightly run my tongue over every trembling inch of your naked body; watching waves after waves of passion ripple through it. Then I thought 'Nah, I'll just send you a card instead'! Best wishes from..."